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Upholstery Cleaning 

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Has your upholstered furniture started to look old, dingy, or worn-out? Over time, upholstered furniture can begin to look uninviting and having it replaced can get very expensive… However, scheduling a deep, professional cleaning can rejuvenate and even extend the life of your upholstery! 

Upholstery (like carpeting) can inhabit all kinds of dirt, grime, bacteria, and allergens that cling to its fibers – making it nearly impossible to clean on your own! Thankfully, the experts at Task Force Carpet Cleaning know just what to do. Our commercial-grade equipment, expertly trained technicians, and many years of experience make cleaning your upholstered furniture a breeze! With fast & efficient cleaning methods and superior cleaning solutions, the results are instant! 

Keep your upholstered furniture looking beautiful for years and years to come. Call us TODAY at
(706) 215-1031 to schedule your upholstery cleaning services!

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